Collaborative intentions

Two very important and somewhat-related things happened that led me to create yet another blog.

1. I somehow managed to lock myself out of my old one.

2. I was challenged by a couple of very good friends to make a blog post a week, or face consequences.

Although I’ve never been a person to take criticism too hard, and have exhibited my artwork on numerous occasions to the general public, writing feels a lot harder to put out there. I suppose because there’s no hiding behind the possibility that someone is misinterpreting the work or just doesn’t “get” my style. If another human doesn’t understand my writing, it’s because I didn’t communicate effectively. There’s more of a responsibility to the audience, more of a need to actually communicate to be understood as opposed to simply throwing ideas out and seeing if they stick.

This notion of the underlying communication inherent in artistic and collaborative acts is something I come back to again and again in every aspect of my life. For example, I think about it a lot in relation to card games. One of my favorite things about card games is how so many different games can be played with the same tools, and that if the folks involved have a general sense of how cards work generally (four suits, in order by number, face cards high) by communicating about the mechanics of the rules a group of people can pretty easily play a wide variety of different games with one another.

It feels vague to me to say that that is the underlying theme of this blog, but in a general sense it’s true. I’m working at the game of being understood and of understanding, and now I’m committed to doing it for at least a month. Perhaps even scarier, other people are committed to reading it.

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