Weekly Daily: Young Chicagoan

While traveling to get a piece of some of the best pizza in Chicago the other day, I noticed this little gem of a terrazzo entryway in what is now one of those multi-function income tax preparer / fax service / money changer places located at 2715 N. Milwaukee, on the east side of Milwaukee Ave. just south of Spaulding.


This lovely little guy is located along Milwaukee Avenue just south of Diversey, on the east side of the street.

Terrazzo doesn’t seem to be used as much for exterior entryways these days, probably for lots of reasons including but not limited to the damaging effects of Chicago weather, but there are still plenty of examples around town and even in the same neighborhood (Logan Square). Terrazzo is created by grinding up quartz, glass, granite and other rocky bits and combining that mixture with a binder so that it’s pourable. Metal strips are used to create the outlines of the design and then the cement mixture is poured in and around, in contrasting colors, to create the design. Here’s a pretty sweet video if you want to watch some terrazzo magic happening.

I haven’t had much luck finding out anything about the Young Chicagoan shop except that folks remember shopping there for young women’s clothing in the 1960s and 70s and that it was owned by 2 sisters. It was likely not related in any way to the Marshall Field’s “Young Chicagoan” line of young men’s clothing. Logan Square used to be home to several department stores including Goldblatt’s, Woolworth’s, and Klaus’s. There’s a good blog post about Woolworth’s with a photo of its current incarnation as a Foot Locker in Logan Square over here.

Maybe now’s the time for crowdsourcing: if there is anyone out there that used to frequent or knows more about Young Chicagoan, get in touch!

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